Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Wein Burgenland Award / Landesweinprämierung





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Animating straw-yellow and brilliant, dominated by yellow fruits in the beginning, followed by a touch of elderflowers in May, definitely mineral, red bell pepper, gooseberries and young peapods, grapefruit; reminding of an inviting tropical orchard. Some cumquats and physalis, the fragrance develops gradually in appropriate layers. Dry, paired with a creamy animating fruit presence. Juicy and smooth, again ripe pepper, multi-layered fruit structure with tropic characteristics and minerality. Really long finish. An agile proponent, a real charmer which takes its time. Very promising. Takes its place in a long row of persistent Sauvignons from Rust, with extraordinary aromatic strength of the 2021.


Cauliflower carbonara, pressed sausage sandwich with wasabi cream, spicy porridge with alpine cheese and cabbage sprouts, fried pike with lemon-crème fraiche-linguine, pheasant breast sautéed in rosemary oil, fried sheep Camembert with fillets of pomelos. To kick off – or complete - a great Blaufränkisch vertical tasting. Salad with young spinach, pignoli and fried yellow pepper, potato tart with red onions, pasta with cabbage and cashew nuts, chervil soup with anise bread croutons. Greengages wrapped in bacon, ham with Balsamico pears. Alpine salmon with cooked celery, goat cheese tart with leek & gooseberries. Avocado accompanied by all kinds of asparagus. To wait for Gordot or the main course. 


Harvested in two runs throughout September from various vineyards – mostly with crystalline soils, by hand into small boxes.
De-stemming, 15 hours of maceration, temperature-controlled fermentation for 6 weeks in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 19 ºC (66 °F).

Serving temperature 7–8 ºC (42-44 °F) benefits from large glasses
Bottling December 2021
Alcohol 13.5% by vol.
Acidity 7.8 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 0.75 l

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