Beerenauslese 2022

Beerenauslese 2022

Vinaria 8/2023

GOLD + winning wein with 17.8 Points Category "Prädikatsweine"

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EUR 21,00 — 0,375 l


Beautiful gold with brilliant, yellow reflections. Multi-dimensional fruit on the nose with fresh pineapple, with a basket of ripe fruits, acacia blossom, tropical flavours, patisserie from Rust, some brioche with chestnut honey on it, vineyard peach and eucalyptus. Inviting, almost respectable notes of honey, seductive fragrance. Also for newcomers in the noble sweet range, if they try hard. Multidimensional, sweet with a crisp acidity and elegant creamy fruit. High end citrus sirup, well integrated residual sugar which supports the acidity, juicy – a delicate, highly elegant, multi-faceted “Beerenauslese” which positively mirrors the vintage. Those who don´t give in now …. have to turn directly to a Ruster Ausbruch!   


Even turns a dry biscuit into a torch-dessert. Goat cheese parfait with roasted pineapple, pizza with Stilton, porridge with candied citrus fruits, Kornel cherries and Macadamia nuts, mango tart with Fontina and honey. Roasted goose liver with Muscat raisins, curd cheese pancake with stewed plumbs, peach ice-cream with pieces of fruit, desserts of regional fruits such a strawberries or greengage, rice soufflé with raspberry syrup. Puff paste-goat cheese-patties with molten apricots. Grilled marshmallows with passion fruit juice, rosemary crème brûlée. To get into the right mood for a sweet wine tasting – or match a „Sautern“.  


Selective manual harvesting into small boxes mid of November 2022 from Ludmaisch and Mitterkräftn.
Crushing, approximately 3 hours of maceration in the tank press, gentle pressing over several hours, fermentation in stainless steel tanks, terminated in a pressure tank. Maturation in stainless steel tanks.

Grape varieties Sauvignon blanc, Welschriesling, Bouvier
Serving temperature Depending on the culinary companions between 8-13 °C (44-54 °F).
Bottling April 2023
Alcohol 12.0% by vol.
Acidity 10.0 g/l
Residual sugar 159.0 g/l
Bottle sizes 100% screw cap in 0.375 l + Magnum

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