Blaufränkisch 2022

Blaufränkisch 2022



Blaufränkisch Grand Prix 2023

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EUR 14,50 — 0,75 l


Emphasises decent purple,  rich intransparency with a violet rim. Intensive nose of crisp cherries and black pepper. Stewed sour cherries accompanied by a touch of violet and gentian, spicy-dense, sun-drenched blackberries. Dry, vivacious-juicy, classic Blaufränkisch fruit, densely knit tannins, inviting dark berry and sour cherry aromas terminating in a spicy-animating aftertaste. To us „classic“ means intensively fruity and powerful. Juiciness and power deriving from chalky loam soils.This impressive vintage shows off with a wonderful density and persistence as well as a decent fruit intensity. Well done!  Mission completely accomplished! 


Let´s start with a goose, we continue with cave pecorino and matured Emmental cheese, serve it to orecchiette with cashew/dried tomato-pesto, roasted venison liver and paprika partridge. Salty porridge with pignoli spinach and fried egg, cheese dumplings with roasted onions, Reuben sandwich, at least 10,24 cm high, caponata grilled on vine wood. Small, in return many pieces of lamb on laurel-brochettes. Extra tip: rocks beautifully with goulash. Don´t forget the chorizo butter bread. Let´s try a bean stew – with lavish chili – or a potato-lentil- gratinée with a touch or – may be – some more of bacon. A red wine – just for fun! At this point, we would also like to thank our forefathers after the phylloxera era who left us this Blaufränkisch selection! 


Harvested at the end of September 2022. Loamy soils from the single vineyard Umriss, Bandkräftn, Mitterkräftn and Gemärk.

De-stemming, closed mash fermentation  over 12-15 days at a temperature of up to 30 °C (88 °F), 3 days of maceration after the end of fermentation, followed by gentle pressing. Malolactic fermentation partly in large, used oak casks and partly already on mash.

Serving temperature 15–17 ˚C (58-62 °F), pour it into a decanter and enjoy!
Bottling July 2023
Alcohol 13.5% by vol.
Acidity 6.3 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 100% screw cap for 0.75l-bottles and Magnums

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