Zweigelt 2022

Zweigelt 2022



Blauer Zweigelt Grand Prix 2023

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EUR 12,50 — 0,75 l


More than luscious purple, dark violet with a dense core and marked violet rim. Expressive nose of cherries and lilac. Very precise Zweigelt fruit with aromas of licorice and white pepper, violets. Dry, intensive fruit expression, dark-spicy and charmingly juicy, wonderful cherry fruit. Animating, lively crisp, does not – and has no intention to – deny the „Blaufränkisch-soil“ of its vineyard. Nice stuff.


Porcini mushroom toast with lavish alpine cheese, Debreziner hotdog with ajvar, soft Chorizo in thick slices with nut rolls, Gnocchi alla Trapanese (with roasted almonds) Amatriciana with fried dices of salami, ham specialties face orzo with home-made walnut pesto, Austrian beef cuisine, seared chanterelles, gratinated tomatoes with herbs, pasta all´arrabbiata, tomato risotto with mozzarella, bar snacks such as fried dumplings of dried fish, salted pistachios, fresh farm bread with plum-olive-schmalz, crispy duck. To teach those not at home with wines from Burgenland what fruitness is about and what juiciness can do.


Harvested in the mid of September 2022 from the vineyards Bandkräftn and Gertberg.
Destemming, mash fermentation in closed stainless-steel tanks at a temperature of 30 °C (88 °F) for 7 days, followed by 2 additional days of maceration, gentle pressing, malolactic fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tanks followed by maturation in large, used oak casks.

Serving temperature 14–16 °C (56-60 °F)
Bottling July 2023
Alcohol 13.5% by vol.
Acidity 5.8 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 0.75 l - larger bottles on request

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