Blinis with Caviar


Ca. 20 Pieces

  1. Combine both types of flour in a bowl and blend well with the yeast. Add egg yolk, sugar and some salt; melt butter in the lukewarm milk and add to the batter; mix with the remaining milk to a thick batter and stir using a cooking spoon. Cover with a dishcloth and let rest for 30 minutes.
  2. Season crème fraiche with salt and pepper and stir until smooth; wash dill, dry and remove from the stems. Heat oil in a–best in a non-stick coated–pan and cook small blinis (appr. 7 cm diameter) until golden-brown.
  3. Before serving top the warm blinis with a dot of Crème fraiche and caviar and garnish with dill.

An ideal accompaniment to our fruity-mineral Welschriesling.


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