Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

Cabernet Sauvignon 2022


16.1 Points

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EUR 14,50 — 0,75 l


Outrageous dark purple with distinctive violet and opaque core. Enchanting fruit challenge. Cassis, black elder berry and delicate chocolate at a nice temperature. Additionally, confit of black berries, black tea and freshly cut cedar wood. Spicy nuances and dried fruit. Dry. Fruit spiciness which might take some minutes. Vital Cabernet-fruit, fine tannin frame and Cabernet Sauvignon-pep. Dark berry-dominated core with extract power and finesse. Powerful finish, juvenile decathlon-winner who could also score on long distances. Most of the time taller by the head than all the others - roars! 


To the classical Rossini Burger, the everlasting onion roast with all the trimmings and mustard pickles, Carpaccio of caraway roast meat and truffle mayo, lamb baked in Panko with juniper ranch sauce, porcini ragout with pieces of venison, frittata with chanderelles and smoked almonds, porchetta with lavish fennel, snack combo: home made bread, butter, juniper ham. Fresh game ravioli with Pecorino Sardo, risotto with stripes of venison, recent Sbrinz, rare rib eye in black pepper crust, quail wrapped in bacon with stewed berries, very thinly sliced Mangalitza ham. Confit of wild duck with cranberries, goose ragout with glace of Cassis. Goes well with sophisticated, progressive literature and for all those who prefer a half-full glass to a half-empty one.    


Hand-picked into small boxes end of September 2022 from the sites Kraxner and Plachen – slate weathering soil.
Destemming, closed mash fermentation for 20 days at a temperature of up to 30 ºC (88 °F). Gentle pressing, malolactic fermentation in steel tanks, maturation in large oak casks.

Serving temperature 15-17 ºC (58-62 °F) decanting not unfavourable, people say
Bottling End of July 2023
Alcohol 14.0% by vol.
Acidity 5.4 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 100% screw cap for 0.75l–bottles

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