Furmint 2014

Furmint 2014

VINARIA summer wine tasting



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Brilliant straw yellow, “Williams Christ” pears, a hint of red apples and juicy pineapples, quince chilli. Close your eyes! All of a sudden a meadow with white and yellow flowers and a tree heavily loaded with greengages (Kriecherl) and another one with Topaz apples appear in front or your mind’s eye. Spring meets autumn – in Rust – and only there! Dry, vital, animating complex acidity, hearty and balanced. Beautiful touch of buckthorn, some khaki, compact, delicate creamy texture, backed by persistent notes of lemon. A result of the low yield which may be regarded with ambivalent feelings. A wine which may be fairly described as extremely elegant and interesting at the same time.


Guacamole with fried chorizo-bean-tortillas. Crispy fried pike with savoury quince chutney. Bean strudel with marjoram sauce, endive salad with pumpkin seed oil, hard-boiled eggs and bacon. Enjoy with a hearty snack of naturally raised pork, fresh brown bread with matured Vacherin cheese. Terrine of brown hare with pistachios and stewed pears. Lemon chicken with black rice. Home-made pommes with wasabi mayonnaise – for the spirited. Duck rilettes with thyme toast and much more… - the hit in any blind tasting of whites and ambitious “staying-up-all-night”. 


Hand-picked end of September 2014 into small boxes from the single vineyards Geier Umriss and Plachen. Sound material only – the rest turned into an excellent Ausbruch.

Destemming, gentle pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation in steel tanks at a temperature of circa 18° C for four weeks.

Serving temperature 7–9°C
Bottling January 30, 2015
Alcohol 12,0 Vol.%
Acidity 6,5 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 0,75l

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