Furmint 2012

Furmint 2012

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Vinaria Wineguide 2013/2014

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Vinaria Jungweinatlas

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Wein.Pur - Best of Austria Guide 2013

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Brilliant straw yellow, “Gute Helene” pears, red apples and quince chilli. Close your eyes! All of a sudden a meadow with white and yellow flowers and a tree heavily loaded with greengages (Kriecherl) appears in front or your mind’s eye. Spring meets autumn – in Rust – and only there! Dry, vital, animating complex acidity, hearty and balanced. Beautiful touch of buckthorn, papaya, compact, delicate creamy texture, selective harvesting in order to prevent Botrytis to affect the grapes is reflected as well as the extremely low yield which may be regarded with ambivalent feelings.


Crispy fried pike with savoury quince jelly. Bean strudel with marjoram sauce, endive salad with pumpkin seed oil, hard-boiled eggs and bacon. Enjoy with a delicious snack of naturally raised pork, fresh brown bread with matured Gouda cheese, duck rilettes with thyme toast and much more… - the hit with any blind tasting of whites and ambitious “staying-up-all-night”. Terrine of brown hear with pistachios and stewed pears.


Hand-picked end of September 2012 into small boxes from the single vineyards Geier Umriss and Plachen.

De-stemming, gentle pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation in steel tanks at a temperature of ca.18° C for four weeks.

Serving temperature 7–9°C
Bottling January 24, 2013
Alcohol 13,0 Vol.%
Acidity 6,3 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 0,75l

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