Boiled Tafelspitz


4 Servings

  1. Cut onions in half, roast the cut end in a pan until very dark, almost black. Wash roots and peel. Rinse Tafelspitz and bones with warm water.
  2. Bring water to a boil, add Tafelspitz, bones and peppercorns, cook over low heat. Add roots, leek, lovage and onions one hour before the end of the cooking time. Continuously remove foam.
  3. Remove done meat from the soup. Season and strain using a fine sieve or cloth. Cut meat into finger-thick slices (against the grain).
  4. Tip: Spread the served Tafelspitz with finely chopped roots (cooked until al dente), a little beef broth foamed with cold butter and chives–delicious!

Side dishes: Cream spinach, apple or chive sauce, potato gratin.

Goes well with our Furmint or the TRIE!


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