Martini Goose from the Gasthaus zur Dankbarkeit


4 Servings

  1. Sprinkle goose inside with salt and mugwort and bind using kitchen cotton, sprinkle with salt outside. Roast for approximately 3–4 hours at 150˚C to 170˚C (rule of the thumb says one hour per kilo) in the oven.
  2. Add an apple picked with cloves and half an orange after half of the cooking time. Raise temperature at the end of cooking time and coat goose with butter to make it crisp.
  3. Cut red cabbage finely, marinate with red wine, orange and apple juice as well as spices for a day. Cook cabbage until done (al dente would be too hard and mashed à la Viennese School to soft) and, if necessary, thicken by adding a little corn flour.
  4. Side dishes are bread and potato dumplings and glazed chestnuts.

Goes well with Blaufränkisch Reserve.


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