Beef Stroganoff


4 Servings

  1. Remove skin from the beef fillet and cut into ½ cm thick slices across the grain. Heat 2 table spoons of oil in a pan, sauté onions, add champignons and simmer for approximately 20 minutes, stirring continuously.
  2. Heat the remaining oil in a second pan and fry the fillets pieces portion-wise for ca. 2 minutes each.
  3. Remove the meat and let drain. Add to the champignons, season with salt and pepper, blend with mustard and sugar. Heat carefully. Stir in cream drop by drop and let simmer for 3 minutes.
  4. Goes well with rice or thinly sliced fried potatoes (Rösti).

This healthy noble ragout goes well with our Blaufränkisch Reserve.


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