Ruster Ausbruch 2015

Ruster Ausbruch 2015

Vinaria 1/2018 "Prädikatsweine"


Toplist Edelsüß

A la Carte Magazin "Best of Sweet"



Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition

Silber Medaille

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Intensive brilliant golden yellow, rich traces of viscosity on the glass, intensive notes of stewed peaches, most delicate blossom honey, underpinned by slight notes of passion fruit, yellow peaches and stewed apricots – simply delicious. Noble sweetness combined with racy explosive acidity, soft peach skin, fragrant fruit flesh, notes of stone fruits, throughout juicy. Like a noble piece of jewellery, rich, vivacious, yet serious, Rust minerality and the local touch of lemon adds to the aroma spectrum, ages perfectly, but not necessarily…. unbeatable price-performance-ratio.


Does even with honey-dripping deserts, pancakes with stewed apricots and vanilla ice cream, juicy cake with Danube walnut brittle, poppy ravioli with stewed quince, pralines of goose-liver, Dolcelatte with bread from dried pears, pear tart, honey sorbet with sugar melon flambé, sweet pasta with stewed strawberries & caramel-almonds, delicious fruit pralines. To enjoy during sophisticated self-talks or crest an unforgettable “Dinner for two”. Ice-cold to tempered Stilton - without cucumber sandwich or to Jersey blue – the Swiss gorgonzola icon. To know where the land lies!


Hand-picked Mid of October 2015 in 2 runs, into small boxes.

Crushing, 3 hours of maceration in the tank press, pressing, fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tanks.

Grape varieties Welschriesling
Serving temperature 9–11 °C
Bottling April 2016
Alcohol 9,0 Vol.%
Acidity 7,5 g/l
Residual sugar 225,7 g/l
Bottle sizes 100% screw cap for 0,375l and 1,5 l magnum with cork double magnum, 4,5 l triple magnum

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