Ruster Ausbruch 2007

Ruster Ausbruch 2007

Praedikat Forum Burgenland 2009


with 93,86 points





Vinaria TIPP & declared “wine showing potential” in the Atlas of Young Wines

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Sparkling golden yellow, rich traces of viscosity on the glass, delicate notes of honey, a fragrance as if Welschriesling would directly descent from yellow peaches, underpinned by notes of passion fruit, pineapple and stewed apricot – simply delicious. Noble sweetness combined with a really racy acidity, soft peach skin, fragrant yellow fruit flesh, pear juice, juicy all through. Like a noble piece of jewellery, totally on the precise and reductive side, vivacious and backed by most delicate hints of blossom honey; minerality originating in Rust complements the aroma spectrum, a gentle grizzly, so to say, matures wonderfully, but not necessarily …


Goose-liver crème brulée, Dolcelatte with bread from dried pears, pear tart, honey sorbet with pineapple flambé, sweet pasta with stewed apricot & caramel-pignoli, wonderful fruit chocolates. To match sophisticated monologues and as unforgettable finish of a “Dinner for two”. Please place it next to the world-best sweet wines and taste blindly!


Hand-picked end of October 2007 into small boxes by hand 3 weeks after harvesting the fresh berries for the dry Welschriesling.

Crushing, 4 hours of maceration in the tank press, pressing, fermentation and maturation in stainless steel.

Grape varieties Welschriesling
Serving temperature 9–11 °C
Bottling April 2008
Alcohol 10,0 Vol.%
Acidity 7,8 g/l
Residual sugar 263,0 g/l
Bottle sizes 0,375l, Magnum and Double Magnum

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