The vineyard arena of Rust

If you were to cast a glimps from Gillesberg or Oberer Wald on the vineyards around Rust and over the lake, you would recognize that this fragmented and unique region has something extraordinary about it.

It's all about the site

From their brilliant onset on, our single vineyard wines Geyerumriss, Gillesberg, Plachen and Oberer Wald have been proverbially the talk of the town. Thus, it´s high time to take a closer look on the cradle of our top wines. 

Closeness to nature versus organic viticulture

To make it clear right away: We are not a certified organic producer and we don´t act as if. But, we comply with 25 of 26 regulations  governing organic winemaking - and that since 1971! Or in some aspects even longer . . .

Rust - particular in every respect

There are only few winegrowing communities world-wide where it is possible to produce top-quality white, red and sweet wines every year.