Rust - particular in every respect


There are only few winegrowing communities world-wide where it is possible to produce top-quality white, red and sweet wines every year. The pictoresque free town of Rust at the western shore of Lake Neusiedl is definitely one of them. Each growing season a new variation and surprise but always associated with the real character of origin.

As long as 3000 years ago, Celts grew wine in Rust followed by the Romans and finally settlers from the Relm of Charlemagne. Since that times, our region experienced a changeful history. It has always been the precious wine which turned things for the better.

In 1681 the former market Rust acquired the rights and privileges of a free town from the Hungarian Crown for 60.000 guilder in gold and approximately 30.000 l of precious Ruster Ausbruch. A stunning sum the inhabitants of Rust would never be able to raise today.

This prosperity is owed to the production and trade with noble sweet wine and finds its expression in the so called “Bürgerbarock” (“burgesses Baroque”) of the ancient buildings in Rust. The entire historic centre is under monument protection.

The respective construction material is available free of charge in the hilly lands of Rust which consist mainly of easily workable chalky sand stone. Already the Romans made use of this material, and also the famous St. Stephen's Cathedral is constructed of sand stone. Today, the historic quarry offers the ambience for spectacular opera festivals.

The spirit inherent in those buildings reflects the pride for the potential of the vineyards and the town of Rust. Tenacity right up to obstinacy. Individualism up to Kantonism (yet without delusion of grandeur) and last but not least selfconsciousness.

Throughout all regimes and times, the small and well-structured Rust kept ist exceptional position and remained, up to now, Austria's smallest administrative district. Winegrowing represents the sole agricultural business line - no horn and no corn.

Wine, historic centre and lake. Each worth a visit - together unique!


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