Closeness to nature versus organic viticulture


To make it clear right away: We are not a certified organic producer and we don't act as if. But, we comply with 25 of 26 regulations  governing organic winemaking - and that since 1971! Or in some aspects even longer . . . 

Valid for generations

Already Günter's father Paul described his wines as “natural”. And many previous generations of Triebaumers identified themselves with love of nature, sustainability and closeness to earth.

Not without good reason, in Rust goes the saying that the Triebaumers are deeply rooted in the earth and not on it.

Begining with the soil

Over flora and fauna

To the bottle

Finally, where do we stay?

If you wish - at 99% organic. And why not at 100%?

It is very important to us to think self-responsibly “pro nature”. That's why we reject to be controlled by concurrenting organic associations and are not willing to pay tremendous license fees which we would rather invest into careful manual work.

How far this attitude will influence your purchasing decision is certainly at your discretion. In order to assist you in this point, we recommend the comparative table of the AWMA indicating that we differ from organic viticulture only in one single point out of 26.

This single point helps us to keep the business risk within an economically justifiable scope.This single point helps us to keep the business risk within an economically justifiable scope.

Since 2020 we are also a certified „Nachhaltig Austria“ („Sustainable Austria“) company.


As we attach particular importance to closeness to nature Günter will be happy to answer all questions on this subject. Just call +43 676 4728 288.

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