Gelber Muskateller 2012

Gelber Muskateller 2012

Vinaria 2013



Vinum - Juni 2013


4th place

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Straw yellow. Animating, floral, fine. Fragrant – in random order: yellow peach followed by nutmeg, mandarin and ripe grapes directly picked from the vine, lemon candy or the other way round. Ethereal, intensive and inviting. Fruity prospects – a bouquet in the very sense of the word! Dry, balanced and chiselled. Elegant finesse and silky texture, fine Muscat spiciness. White flowers and a subtle finish of elder blossoms, accompanied by some anise and fennel seeds. A classy Muscat from silicate soils in Rust – year for year. Distinctive with its slight touch of lemon.


Shalotts tarte Tatin with rucola and sheep milk cheese, partridge breast with celery. As animating aperitif before a private concert of Ostbahnkurti. Brings relief during long periods of hot weather. A wonderful companion to a finely herb-flavoured cuisine, stewed tomatoes with laurel, terrines of goat milk cheese, light salads. To be quite honest: would you turn down a nice Muscat-spritzer? Harmonious, fruity flatterer with an addictive nature.


Selectively hand-picked into small boxes as of September 8th 2012.

Destemming, clearing of the must, cooled fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 18° C for four weeks. Natural end of fermentation.

Serving temperature 7–9 °C
Bottling December 13th 2012
Alcohol 11,5 Vol.%
Acidity 6,1 g/l
Residual sugar Dry
Bottle sizes 0,75l

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