Soft Cheese grilled on an Apple Wood Plank with Cherry Sauce


4-6 Servings

  1. Connoisseurs throw soaked apple wood chips into the fire to produce smokey flavours. Place the plank on the grill and set small whole loafs of Brie or Camembert on it. The cheese should be cold from the fridge; you can also take raw milk cheese or some matured type of cheese.
  2. Check any few minutes so that the cheese does not „run off“ the plank. The cooking time depends on the type of kettle grill you use. Anyway, TRIE consumers are smart by nature and endowed with an impeccable sense for the good.
  3. For the sauce: season a glass of cherry jam with minced chilli, a dash of balsamic vinegar, salt and a splash of soja sauce. Sprinkle over the grilled cheese or serve aside.

Those who rather tend to white wine stay with TRIE white, serve it two or three degrees warmer than recommended; and replace cherries by quince or yellow pears; that´s flexibility!


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