Rosé von der Blaufränkisch Reserve 2019

Rosé von der Blaufränkisch Reserve 2019




Vinaria Guide 2020/21


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Clear, brilliant, really beautiful raspberry-rosé, pale violet lilac blossoms at mother´s day, gentian. Like a blue bouquet of flowers presented with empathic compliments. Juicy peach and bananas al dente, rosehip puree, some raspberries and a touch of fresh mint, perfectly ripe Mieze Schindler strawberries. Semi-sweet, backed by an animating acidity. Elegant creamy texture with vibrating fruit sweetness. Greengages flirt with dew-fresh William pears. The tiny, cheeky rosé pucks keep dancing on the palate until the bottle is empty. Vivacious style and serious volume combine to an enchanting finesse in the finish – simply mirroring top grape material. Semi-sweet can be so sexy!


Linguine with goat cheese and pears, tartar of bison and beetroot (fifty/fifty), ice-cold aperitif (qualified for winter gardens too), partridge with cranberries and pink pepper, exotic sticks of banana & Cajun chicken, beetroot soup, salmon and all that can be conjured of it. Sheep milk cheese with dried tomato chutney, grilled water melons and fried lardo, nashi-pignoli salad. With pepper/strawberry sorbet. Spinach ravioli with caramelized bread crumbs.
Goes well with a hearty chat – much more, “exchange of experiences” or enjoy it simply for fun! Explicitly for those who wouldn`t order a wine at all – really everybody´s darling. Privately also loved by numerous male consumers – without quota.


Harvested at the end of September, in six runs selected from grapes for the Blaufränkisch Reserve 2019. Selective hand picking into small boxes.
De-stemming into red wine tanks, after 3 hours racking off the juice (ca. 10%). Cooled fermentation in stainless steel tanks over four weeks or longer. Interruption of fermentation by separation of the must from the lees and cooling down. Results in a natural residual sugar content.
Serving temperature Serve it cold – as cold as you can!
Bottling December 5, 2019
Alcohol 12,0 % vol.
Acidity 7,0 g/l
Residual sugar semi-sweet
Bottle sizes 0,75 l

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