Cultivated 500 years of Ruster Ausbruch


As if we had known!

It is as if we had already anticipated the starling damage of 2019, which led to the complete loss of the perfectly netted 2019 botrytis grapes. So in 2018, contrary to company practice, we managed to produce two Ruster Ausbruch wines instead of one.

One, a cuvée of Furmint, Welschriesling, Traminer and Chardonnay, represents the rustic ambition to achieve highest concentration despite the risk. Of enormous power, density and length, aromatically dominated by dried and stewed apricots – that´s the part the Furmint plays!

The other, an antagonist in the best sense. Finely chiselled Muscat fruit, highly elegant and perfectly balanced. The first single-varietal Yellow Muscat Ausbruch of the house and the finalisation of a boy's dream. Even as a 12-year-old, the young Günter Triebaumer raved about a Rust Ausbruch from Yellow Muscat.

Foto von Flasche Ruster Ausbruch by Steve Haider

2018 turned out as a great vintage, which produced very good qualities and pleasant quantities thus allowing the production of two differentiated styles of Ausbruch.

By the way, the 2018 vintage is already subject to the first DAC regulation, which applies exclusively to sweet wines in Austria. What has already been described in many wine books is now also mirrored in the current origin marketing of the AWMB.

Ruster Ausbruch - a long-distance runner

What has received little attention so far is the enormous longevity of high predicate wines. Not only can these wines mature for a long time or even forever in the bottle, but also remain opened sweet wine bottles unchanged in quality for more than 4-6 weeks, if kept cool. Only someone who has tried it can know about that – says an old Triebaumer maxim!

Ruster Ausbruch and the culinary arts

When it comes to culinary delights, there's not a dry eye left as far as the balanced Ruster Ausbruch is concerned. Whether dessert, foie gras or blue cheese: a glass of Ruster Ausbruch with its combination of sparkling sweetness and lively acidity is an ideal pairing for strongly spiced dishes. And cheese lovers know that certain cheeses virtually demand a sweet accompaniment.

A wide field also opens up with the dishes of Asian cuisine. Dishes with chilli spice, ginger, lemongrass and cumin, Thai woks or an Indian curry pair ideally.

Those who nevertheless can´t do without desserts will strive for the Ruster Ausbruch Yellow Muscat 2018 pairing pancakes with apricot roast and vanilla ice cream, perhaps also with a pear tart, and last but not least with caramel almonds and fruit pralines, which are often served with espresso.

Apropos: Espresso and a matured Ruster Ausbruch – due to its caramel tones - can also go very well together solo!

Rust Ausbruch in the gastronomy

A favourite recommendation to restaurant owners and their service staff is to make the dessert a little smaller and to serve a calculated glass of sweet wine instead. A great impulse in perfect combination with the "educational effect" on the guests.

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