Ried Geyerumriss Chardonnay 2017

Ried Geyerumriss Chardonnay 2017

Falstaff Guide 2018/19


Winner Falstaff Burgunder Trophy Categorie Chardonnay

A La Carte Wine Guide 2018/19



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Straw yellow with continuous viscosity, distinctive fragrance of juicy William´s pear, full-blown jasmine and acacia, reminds of the first rain drop on a warm slate soil, subtle notes of green tea, fruit-driven yet serious. Bunch of yellow-white flowers. Dry, very structured acidity embedded into a compact, yellow-fruity body, pear pulp again, very balanced, elegant style with grand reserves. Due to the intensive yeast contact - really salty finish. Reserve quality? Definitely!!


Caprese with half-dried tomatoes and fried basil, slightly smoked trout with wheat risotto, chicorée seared in salted butter with goat cheese, pheasant in a salt crust, frittata with chanterelles, goat cheese-pear tarte with pignoli, cold almond soup with fried olives, herb crusted saibling en papillotte, paired with fresh salt sticks with farmer´s butter and noble gouda – in our opinion a real life-style snack.


Picked in September 2017 from the traditional single site Geyerumriss with pure slate weathering soils. Very selective manual picking using small boxes. „Goldburgunder“ Golden Burgundy) as the Triebaumer-Groszi (=grandmother) used to say.

De-stemming, 18 hours of maceration, gentle pressing, un-cooled fermentation in stainless steel tanks with malolactic fermentation, end of fermentation in the third week of May – a micro-biological perpetuum mobile – nearly.

Serving temperature 12° C (52° F), take the Sunday glass
Bottling June 2018
Alcohol 13,0 Vol.%
Acidity 7,0 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 0,75 l and 1,5 l magnum (screw cap)

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