An uncomplicated product just to enjoy! Early harvested Muscat grapes are quickly processed further and fermented in pressure tanks resulting in a highly aromatic and very light sparkling wine which obtains its carbonic acid exclusively through fermentation. Since 2002 unique in Austria.


Light straw yellow with slight greenish reflections, fine perlage, persistent. Intensive fragrance of juicy-ripe pineapples, mango, flowering elder, sea-buckthorn and cranberries. Fine notes of Muscat. Delicious fruit sweetness, spicy acidity, creamy carbonic acid, seductive yet refreshing. Reinvents itself with its sparkling citrus note. Take care – dangerous fruit drug! – there will be never enough of it!

Accompanying ideas

As entree with its favourite partner lemon sorbet served in a XL-Caipirina-glas with crushed ice – watching the beach volleyball finals from the front row. Pairing short pastry tart with red currant jam (in Austria called “rogue”). Wonderful as apéro as well as together with aromatic Asian dishes, served at a brunch, with fruit salads or fruit desserts, pieces of mango with chocolate fondant, basil or lemon sorbets, fried elder flowers, as “pick-me-up” and “eye-opener” or as “companion” to three already emptied Muscato bottles, balm after a great red wine tasting, and much more.


A LA CARTE Guide 2019 91 points
A La Carte Wine Guide 2018/19 90 points
Falstaff Guide 2018/19 90 points
Wein.Pur Guide 2018/19 3 glasses
VINARIA Guide 2018/19 3 stars + FUN-wine

Technical specification

Serving temperature 6 - 7 °C don´t shake too often
Harvest September 5th early in the morning when it is still „freezing cold“.
Processing Rapidly, efficient, clean, permanent cooling. Must clarification by means of flotation. Fermentation in pressure tanks at a temperature of 16°C. A soon as the alcohol content reaches 7 % vol.alc. fermentation is interrupted by cooling and pressure increase.
Bottling Under pressure atmosphere October 30th, 2015
Alcohol 7,0 Vol.%
Acidity 7,5 g/l
Eigener CO2 - Druck bei 20°C 2,499 bar (individual CO2-pressure at 20°C)
Bottle sizes 0,75l

As first producer in Austria we apply the new glass twister closure. Glass twister is an innovation “made in Germany” and offers besides of perfect technical features an up-to-now unknown symbiosis of comfortable handling and stylish look.

Pearl wine “mild” is the legal definition for sparkling wine containing more than 50 g/l residual sugar and an alcohol content of less than 9% vol.alc. – that´s why our Muscato is no “Sekt” (sparkling wine in the Austrian sense of the word) and anything but a Prosecco.

German version