Erster Nebel 2022

Erster Nebel 2022

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EUR 27,00 — 0,75 l


Planted in 1987 with vines coming from Elio Altare from La Morra, Piemonte in the single vineyard Plachen in Rust (slate weathering soil with a layer of loam on top). A special permission of the Regional Government of Burgenland exists since 1993. (Ask Günter for the more detailed circumstances!)

Medium purple, not quite typical for Nebbiolo, but due to the clay, juvenile rim, perfectly ripe grapes - respective viscosity. Blue plumb fruit and juicy, a violet in the valley, some Amarena cherry followed by a hint of liquorice, bouquet garni, complemented by hibiscus and a touch of resinous cedar wood, even the raspberry makes an appearance. Throughout „north-oriented“ towards a cool fruitiness and by no menas over-ripe.
Dry, multi-faceted structure with a compact body, abundant spices such as laurel, long pepper and pimento, hearty tannin structure and warming cornelian cherries in the finish, most certainly designed for a long riping period, benefits from the advantages of deeply routed more than 30 year old vines. Ad multos annos! 


Duroc porc chops with smoked paprika rice and pepperoni, deer burger with a hint of bacon, fennel gratinated with Scarmoza, rabbit stewed with its food, the ur-carrot, wild boar burger with mashed cellar and juniper jus, olive focaccia – Grissini filling thinly wrapped into dark, thinly sliced bacon from South Tyrol, don´t forget truffle associations in form of risotto or rich pasta, soft types of cheese smoked over beech wood with some crisp rye bread, plenty of rustic roasted vegetables, blood sausage strudel with stewed turnips, bratwurst braised in Nebbiolo, or simply to wallow in luxury, muse, for probing, contemplate, get yourself organised …  


End of September 2022 manually into small boxes, meticulous selection not necessary.
Open fermentation in large vats with powerful punching, giving it an additional time for maceration, gentle pressing, malolactic fermentation, maturation in 300 l barrels filled for the fifth time.

Serving temperature 5-17 °C (58-62 °F), please decant it!
Bottling July 2023
Alcohol 14.0% by vol.
Acidity 6.0 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 0.75 l, Magnum

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