Carmen On Air 2021

Carmen On Air 2021

A la Carte Grand Cru internationale Sorten

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The result of our 1999 trip to South America. Just seeing the grapes makes you want to have it! At that time, immediately after the harvest there in the Maipo Valley, we took the vines closest to the sun (the wood-ripest!). At home grafted by Paul Triebaumer and planted in the great upper Mitterkräftn (vulgo "Hans Onkel-kräftn") in Rust. Beautiful grapes year after year. But not the expected tremendous sugar producer. This single bottling came about with the kind help of a highly esteemed colleague to whom we were able to trade 1,000 kg of 2021 grapes for top Blaufränkisch grapes.

Beautiful purple with violet rim, appropriate viscosity, almost exaggerated fruit expression with clear aromas of violets and fresh lilac, underpinned by mint, freshly harvested blueberries - the genuine ones, then also premium cocoa powder with a hint of orange zest and cherry, the famous blackberry candies from childhood days. Bouquet of cornflowers. 
Dry, decidedly mild in acidity and tannin - by Triebaumer standards. The fruit potpourri is followed by fine cocoa and some fresh tobacco. Highly enjoyable and delicate. Still dense and finely knit. Juicy all the way to the back. The fine style. Really fruit expressive.


Fried calf's head with gribiche sauce, asparagus carbonara, pimped hot dog with mangalitza sausage, pasta casserole with quattro smoked cheeses, hare pepper with blackberry coulis, parasol schnitzel with candied violet blossoms, tartare of whatever - the main thing is not too little yolk and Dijon. With all its delicacy, elegance and love of fruit - two bottles - and - el Condor pasa...


Harvested mid-October 2021 - top healthy material.
Open vat fermentation with frequent punching down and adequate maceration time thereafter, gentle pressing, malolactic fermentation, cellaring in often used 300 l barrels for seven months.

Grape varieties 100% Carménère
Serving temperature 57-60 °F - should be suitable
Bottling May 6, 2022
Alcohol 14.0% by vol.
Acidity 4.9 g/l
Residual sugar dry
Bottle sizes 0.75l and magnum

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