No Sex for Butterflies

Eleven years ago, the winegrowers of Rust, as first winegrowers´ association in Austria, took a very smart road in combatting the grape berry moth. This moth develops in several generations over the course of the year and may severely damage ripening berries/grapes . Therefore, every year in April, pheromone dispensers are area-wide installed every 20 m2. A dispenser consists of a wire covered with plastic , which is fixed in the grape zone.

The action of UV-light effects the release of a special fragrance over months. The sexual attractants of the femal grape moth are called pheromones. In this way, the wine growing area of Rust is practically covered by a pheromone cloud at any time. The males are confused because it smells of females all around. This prevents the development of a damaging population from year to year. Without insecticides, without collateral damages, protecting beneficial organisms, under biological and scientific surveyance – that´s the spirit!

With good reason, this project, which has already creamed off environmental rewards, is called :“No sex for butterflies!“

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